Online and In-Person Cooking Classes

Get ready to improve your skills in the kitchen—online and in-person—and have fun at the same time!

Cooking is More Fun When You Know What You’re Doing

Find yourself watching cooking shows and wish you knew your way around your kitchen? Unsure how to time a meal so that all of your dishes are ready at the same time? Have you switched to a gluten-free or egg-free diet and need someone to show you how to cook the recipes you’ve had your eye on? You can!

If you’re ready to learn how to chop, saute and season your food like a chef, I’m ready to help! I teach online and in-person classes that will help you learn kitchen basics or add a new skill or cooking style to your repertoire.

Group Cooking Classes

Ready to improve your culinary skills, learn how to make healthier food or participate in a fun group activity? I offer a variety of in-person and online classes on a monthly basis to inspire you and help you build community while you learn something new.

Current cooking classes include:

  • Cooking Dinner with Chef Cheryl
    Looking to make a healthy dinner for your family in an hour or less? Wanting to shake up your regular meal rotation?

    See the registration link below for what we’re making in each class.

    When: Select Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm CST
    Where: Live on Zoom
    Cost: $25

  • Culinary Table Experience
    This in-person experience is part cooking class and part social event. The cooking portion will be a combination of demonstration and participation. We’ll provide culinary and nutrition tips. Sit back and watch or jump in and help. You decide!

    Enjoy a few appetizers and a beverage while you watch or help Chef Cheryl prepare the main dish and dessert. Then, we’ll all sit down and enjoy the rest of our meal together.

    Upcoming Menus and Dates:
    Private classes only available in November and December.

    Please send me a request through my contact page.

  • Batch Cooking
    In a few hours on a Sunday, we’ll make a few healthy main dishes and a snack or two to get you prepped for the week. Learn how to cook once and use the meals multiple times during the week to save you time!

    Upcoming Menus & Dates:
    No classes available in November/December.

    On the Menu: TBD

    When: Sunday, 9:00am-11am
    Where: Live on Zoom
    Cost: $50

  • Seasonal Cooking Classes
    These classes are all about getting inspired with new recipes for the season. Whether that is new ingredients coming into season or dishes to serve for that special holiday, we’ve got you covered!

    November 13 – Thanksgiving Sides
    On the Menu:
    Maple Rosemary Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Hearty Harvest Quinoa and Squash Salad, Gluten Free Stuffing

    When: Sunday, 9:00am-11am CST
    Where: Live on Zoom
    Cost: $50

    December 10 – Holiday Treats
    On the Menu:
    Brownie Batter Bites, Chocolate Bark with Dried Cranberries and Pistachio, Gingerdoodle Cookies

    When: Saturday, 10:00am-noon CST
    Where: Live on Zoom
    Cost: $50

Recipes, a grocery shopping list and other materials will be provided in advance of all on-line cooking classes.

All recipes are gluten free!

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Personalized Cooking Lessons

Maybe you want to cook a special meal for someone and need help learning how to complete the recipe. Maybe a recent diagnosis requires that you eat differently and that means having to cook for yourself. Or maybe you’re looking to level up your cooking skills so you can increase the variety of the meals you’re preparing. Whatever your goal, I’d love to share my love of cooking with you. I’ll come to your home (in person or virtually) and provide you with a personalized cooking experience.

We’ll work together to develop a menu that fits your goals and dietary preferences and then we’ll cook it together. I will demonstrate techniques for you to try and explain each step. You can ask questions along the way and when we’re finished, you will have gained basic and essential culinary skills needed by any home chef. Plus, you’ll have yummy food to eat!

Pricing: starts at $75 (1 hour session)

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Pantry Evaluation

Does your pantry need a makeover? I’ll come to your house, help you assess what’s in your pantry cabinet and refrigerator, and identify changes you could make to improve your health goals. We will identify easy ways to improve your health by swapping out the products you keep on hand and trying new staples that can help you meet your goals.

Pricing: $70 (1 hour session)

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Grocery Store Shopping Tour

Let’s take a field trip to the grocery store where you’ll learn how to navigate the store, read labels and better understand ingredients and label claims. I’ll customize your shopping experience to your unique goals and needs, so you’ll be sure to leave feeling like a more informed, efficient and confident shopper!

Pricing: $50 (1 hour session)

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