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Nutritious meals and menus created especially for you, prepped and cooked in your home.

Let Me Lighten the Load

Let’s face it: Not everyone loves to cook. In fact, some people would rather do most anything else. And if that’s you, I get it. Cooking your own food can be time-consuming, messy and hard if you don’t like to cook.

You might be tempted to order take out and call it a day, but that won’t help you achieve your health-related goals. If you have food sensitivities or need to eat in a special way because of health concerns, take out isn’t the answer. Meal delivery services only offer limited menus, are expensive and aren’t customizable to your tastes or dietary needs. Having a personal chef who understands your goals and dietary requirements is the answer.

How to work with a personal chef

Having a personal chef used to be a luxury reserved for celebrities and the independently wealthy. Today, you can have the support of a personal chef without having to hire someone full time.

Maybe you’d like to have someone prepare ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat meals in your kitchen so you’re all set to go when you get home from the office. Maybe you love to host parties and could benefit from the support of a little help in the kitchen before or during the event. Maybe you like to cook but are out of ideas of what to make that will meet your family’s dietary requirements. I’m here to help.

I shop for fresh, whole foods with your preferences and dietary considerations in mind, focusing on locally-sourced options whenever available.

In-Home Meal Prep Services

Let me help you put a healthy home-cooked meal on the table. First, I will interview you to understand your dietary requirements, preferences and create customized menus for you to approve. Then I will plan the weekly menu, edit/create the recipes, shop for all of the groceries and prepare meals for you to put together or heat and eat when you get home.

Everyone would love to have a personal chef and I know you’re wondering what it might cost?

I offer 3-, 4- and 5- meal plans. Each meal includes a main dish and side dish. Pricing covers recipe selection and editing, shopping list creation, grocery shopping, food preparation and clean up.

Think of what you can do with the free time you’ll get back each week!

Pricing for a family of four:

  • 3 meals per week starts at $350 plus groceries
  • 4 meals per week starts at $400 plus groceries
  • 5 meals per week starts at $450 plus groceries

Other Details:

  • Weekly groceries are additional and billed at actual cost.
  • Additional fees may apply for pantry basics or if significant recipe editing or development is needed.
  • Available in the Twin Cities Metro area

I specialize in customizing and developing recipes for special dietary needs including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and egg-free diets. I can create tasty meals that fit into vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, low sugar, heart healthy and other food plans.

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Meal Planning

Do you hate even thinking about what food to make and buy each week? Let me do it for you! I will plan your weekly menu, select recipes for you and provide you with a detailed shopping list. Take the list to the store with you or hop on your computer and order your groceries for home delivery. You’re ready to face the week!

When we work together, I will interview you to understand your dietary requirements, preferences and health goals. I will factor your schedule and cooking skills into my recommendations. Based on our conversation, I will create customized menus for you to approve. You’ll get a meal plan, recipes and categorized shopping list for each plan.

Meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. You’ll get a meal plan calendar mapped out by meal and by day with recipes and a categorized shopping list for each week.

I’ll also provide you some culinary tips to make cooking easier and answer any questions you have about the recipes. Finally, I will check in with you each week to see which recipes you loved from the week before so that I can add them to your regular rotation.

I know you’re probably thinking this sounds amazing, but want to know what it costs to have me do this for you?

Pricing for custom meal plans:

  • One Week meal plan – $75
  • Month meal plan – $250

Other Details:

  • Additional fees may apply if significant recipe editing or development is needed.

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Small Events & Dinner Parties

Parties and get-togethers are at the heart of our families and communities. Cooking for special events can be stressful and complicated, especially if you have a larger number of guests. It can be especially challenging, when you are also trying to accommodate special dietary needs of your guests.

Let me help make your event even more enjoyable by taking on the planning, preparation and cooking for your next event.

We will meet to discuss your ideas for your menu, any dietary requirements and preferences you have and your budget for the event. I will create a customized menu for your approval, shop for all of the groceries and prepare the meal. I can help you keep the food fresh throughout the event and help tidy up after for an additional fee. Pricing will depend on the number of attendees at your event, the number and complexity of dishes being prepared, and additional services you may need.

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Personalized Recipe Development

Do you do your own cooking, but need some recipe inspiration or recipes designed to fit your specific dietary needs? I’d love to help you create or adapt a recipe to meet your goals. Pricing varies based on your specific needs and complexity of the project.

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