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Work with Cheryl Englebretson, Twin Cities Personal Chef and Culinary Nutrition Expert, to learn how to cook easy and nutritious whole food recipes that the whole family will love.

Healthy Meals Made Easy

Does your busy schedule keep you from cooking healthy meals for your family? Do you have the best of intentions, but find yourself ordering takeout because you have no idea what to cook or you just can’t deal with a trip to the grocery store? Or maybe someone in your family has recently been told they need to eat differently, so you’re trying to cook new recipes that your family won’t even try?

Changing how we eat can be hard

Food is central to every culture and celebration, making changing your family’s diet really hard. Trying new recipes and using unfamiliar ingredients without success can be so discouraging. Planning a week’s worth of meals, shopping for the ingredients and cooking the meals can be daunting, especially when personal preference or dietary requirements make your standbys obsolete. It can feel like a full-time job to discern which ingredients contain gluten or sugar or nuts!

You don’t have to go it alone

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. A personal chef makes eating healthy at home as simple as ordering takeout. (Yes, really!) I can help you plan your menus, shop for groceries and prep your meals, making it easy for you to come home and put dinner on the table or cook your meals so that all you have to do is reheat them when you get home! I’d love to help you adapt a favorite family recipe so that it meets your new dietary requirements or simply make it healthier without sacrificing flavor.

Or maybe you’re ready to take your kitchen skills to the next level with some personalized online or in-person cooking classes. I can teach you to cook gluten-free, nut-free and low sugar meals your family will love!

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How I Can Help

Let me lighten the load with personal chef and meal planning services to improve your quality of life!

Twin Cities Personal Chef

Providing in-home meal prep; recipe selection, customization and development; small event catering in Minneapolis, MN.

Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Offering meal planning assistance, educational classes and workshops online and in the Twin Cities metro area.

Health & Wellness Coach.

Helping you set health goals and meet them, online and in-person, plus offering support and accountability along the way.

Hello, I’m Cheryl.

I love food! It’s my passion and my joy.

Food nourishes our bodies, gives us great enjoyment and can be very healing. It’s at the center of our community with others and it’s deeply rooted in our cultures.

Food challenges me. Whether I’m experimenting with new flavors or figuring out how to put a great meal on the table for someone with unique dietary needs, food keeps me thinking and creating.

I’m on a mission to introduce people to food that is healthy, tasty, and simple to prepare and improves their health and quality of life.

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